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Small classes.  Large impact.

For a professor like C. S. Lewis, teaching classes at Oxford and Cambridge looked very different from what modern Americans might picture: a professor lecturing a class of dozens, or even hundreds, of students.  Instead, most students were part of a far smaller circle of four or five that would meet with their professor for a much more personal, in-depth discussion of the topic they were currently studying.

For those looking for premier academic instruction, interested in escaping the large classroom, or wanting more out of a topic than the impersonal schedule of large groups, these are the sessions for you.

"There are more men ennobled
by study than by nature."

- Cicero

What to expect from an Oxford Session:

River Oaks' Oxford Sessions are either semester-based or offered as short courses, and range over a variety of topics from literature and writing to theology and worldviews, study habits, history, chess, leadership and many places between.  Course topics can also be requested, and may be offered once evaluated. 

Assignments are given as with any class, and the group size allows for the flexibility to follow where the discussion leads. 
Those involved should come to each session prepared with the knowledge that they will be part of the discussion.  Active, creative minds are sought and cultivated in these times, with the goal being a greater understanding in the entire group.

Oxford sessions require a minimum of three students in order to function as intended.  Once a class is offered, seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are reserved with a non-refundable deposit.  The Session will begin once the minimum number of students is met.

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