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Why River Oaks private tutoring?

Tutoring Provides Quicker, Deeper Success

If you or your student needs help, you are not alone.  At some point, everyone makes mistakes; everyone finds their own corner of academics where they need some help.  Finding that help is often a crucial link.  Studies show that involving a well-versed teacher allows students to learn in a tenth of the time they would have taken alone.  It also allows students to then develop further into their studies rather than struggling over the same material again and again.

"To make no mistakes
is not in the power of man;
but from their errors and mistakes
the wise and good
learn wisdom for the future."

- Plutarch

"We can do nothing
but rave about Mr. Cooper. 
He’s a Godsend."

- Emma, CA, Parent

"I have gained confidence
in my own abilities to succeed
through our sessions together."

- Audrey, VA, Student

River Oaks Provides Better Value

We know firsthand what it's like to devote your resources to helping your children realize their potential.  Our College Prep tutoring alone is hundreds of dollars less per hour than other tutors out there because we believe high-quality, one-on-one tutoring should be affordable for the working family.  That's why our tutoring sessions begin at $40/hour for instruction from expert teachers. 

Click the banners to the right to find out about our subject offerings, or click Schedule Now to contact us.  Our offerings vary, so if your subject isn't on the list, please check with us.

Online Private Tutoring Rates:

$40/Hour Weekly

(4-5 Sessions)


(1 Session)

"The skills David learned
during his tutoring have helped
him in all his subjects."

- Tracy, VA, Parent

"We were very satisfied
with the job Mr. Cooper did.
I highly recommend
his tutoring services."

- Shari, TX, Parent

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